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FACE THE DAY was a personal project started on August 01, 2010, just for fun, in an attempt to learn how to use my camera. The project was intended to last 1 year - it lasted 5. Over 1820 photos were taken. My rules:

  • no repeat faces per year
  • each face was taken that day
  • Year 1, volunteers only needed to be alive with a face :)
  • Year 2, ladies/females only
  • Year 3, It's a Man's World (males only)
  • Year 4, 365 Shades of Grey (black & white)
  • Year 5, Workin' for a Living (caption occupation)

I hope you enjoy looking at the faces and seeing the beauty that I see in each and every one. Thank you to each volunteer - I have truly enjoyed taking every photo!

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